Fifty Years of Communication Research at the Hebrew University - Political Communication, Public Opinion, Conflict, Discourse and Psychological Perspectives 2016


Monday, March 14, 2016 (All day) to Tuesday, March 15, 2016 (All day)


Beit Maiersdorf Faculty Club, Room 501, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Prof. Ifat Maoz:

On March 14-15 2016 the first of several events will be held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of communication research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The conference will focus on political communication, media and psychology in conflict, journalism, discourse, and psychological aspects of public opinion and communication. The keynote speaker is Professor Jon Krosnik, Stanford University. 
The second event, focusing on new media, culture and communication, cinema and visual culture, and the history and ethics of communication, will take place on May 30-31  The keynote speakers will be Professor Lilie Chouliaraki (LSE) and Professor Zizi Papacharissi (University of Illinois at Chicago).
Communication research in Israel began with the establishment of the Communication Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1966 by Professor Elihu Katz, and it continues to this day through the Noah Mozes Department of Communication and Journalism and the Smart Family Institute of Communications. The 50th anniversary events all share the overall theme of ‘regenerating communication’, honouring the past while emphasising processes of renewal associated with a jubilee year (‘yovel’ in Hebrew). Focusing on the dynamism of contemporary research while paying homage to the department’s pioneering history, these events will give voice to the broad diversity of concerns and challenges that characterise our current scholarship, projecting those into the future – even as far, perhaps, as the next jubilee celebration in 50 years’ time.
Graduates and colleagues of the Department of Communication - as well as current students - are particularly welcome to attend.