PhD Students

Moran  Avital

Moran Avital

"And Died, and was Gathered unto his People" (Genesis, 25:17), a longitudinal study of the coverage of the death of public figures in the Israeli news media.
Advisors: Prof. Zohar Kampf Prof. Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt
Amanda Bernstein

Amanda Bernstein

Aliyah on screen: A history of Israeli cinema through the lens of Jewish immigration
Advisor: Prof. Raya Morag


Yael  Fischman

Yael Fischman

'Behind every righteous man there is a working woman' , Entrepreneurship among religious mothers: the case study of Jewish Israeli ultra- Orthodox mothers, wives of Kollel students, who established a business enterprise.
Advisors: Prof. Amerita Esther Schely-Newman and Dr. Rivka Neriya Ben Shahar
Lital Henig

Lital Henig

Representing the Holocaust in the 21st Century: Cinema, Architecture, Graphic Novels
Advisors: Prof. Amit Pinchevski and Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht - Hartmann