Yael Fischman


Email: Yael.fischman@mail.huji.ac.il

Academic Background

Yael Fischman is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Communication and Journalism. Over the last few years Yael has worked as a frontal teaching assistant at the department of social work, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her doctoral dissertation deals with the relationship between economic, religion and gender by investigating the study case of an Israelis ultra-orthodox mothers who established an independent firm. Via a qualitative method the paper hope to reveal how those mothers manage the different conflicts dimension of –work and family balance, religious & secular, Private & public spheres, conservatives & modernism act.

Yael completed her bachelor and master's degrees with honors from the School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her MBA sub specialization was Conflict Research, Management and Resolution within the Department of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.

Yael's Master's dissertation focused on identity construction among Arab female students at the Hebrew University.  This qualitative research describes and emphasis the understanding of identity conflicts among the Arab female students as they describe, perceive and construct it, in their geographic, cultural, social, linguistic and personal transition to Jerusalem.

Fields of Interest:

Qualitative research, identity construction, gender, work-life balance, conflict resolution, patriarchal and conservative communities and the way they face modernism, business entrepreneurship and technology.


Academic Awards:
  • The Levi Eshkol Institute for Social, Economic and Political Research in Israel Fellowship (2014) 

  • The Department of Communication PhD Scholarship (2014)

  • The faculty of social sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2014)

  • The Smart Family Institute of Communications (2013)

Conference Presentations and Academic activity:

  • In Between: Arab female students’ identity between the rural and the urban. Paper presented at "Our own research", Lafer Center for Women and Gender studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, International Women's Day, March 2015.

  • 'An Interdisciplinary Glance at Entrepreneurship' Research and discussion group coordinator (2014-2016)