Yifat Mor


E-mail: moryif@gmail.com

Academic Background and Fields of Interests

Yifat Mor is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research focuses on political expression and discussion on Facebook in Israel, as a society embedded in a protracted ethno-political conflict. Professor Ifat Maoz was her M.A thesis advisor and continues to advise her on her Ph.D.

In her professional capacity Yifat works as the head of the social-media department of the Tel Aviv municipality, the largest municipal cross-platform social-media array in Israel. Engaging in public participation and working on the seam between governmental agencies and innovative technologies, provides a daily opportunity for inspecting theory in practice.


  • Mor, Y., Kligler-Vilenchik, N. & Maoz, I. (in press). Political expression on Facebook in a context of conflict: Dilemmas and coping strategies of Jewish-Israeli youth. Social Media & Society.

  •  Mor, Y., Ron, Y. & Maoz, I. (in press). "Likes" for Peace: Can Facebook Promote Dialogue in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Media and Communication