ERC Project


Transient Relativistic eXplosions

An ERC funded research Project that deals with three different relativistic transients: mergers, gamma-ray bursts and tidal disruption events. This five years project will begin in fall of 2016.

A call for postdoctoral fellows to work under this project is open. Press here for fellowship description

TDE image

Tidal Disruption Events

TDEs – Tidal Disruption Events take place when a star that passes near a massive black hole at a Galactic center is thorn apart and disrupted. 


Binary Neutron Star Mergers

Mergers between binary neutron stars are prime candidates sources for gravitational wave that is searched for by advanced detectors like LIGO and Virgo. They are also, as I have predicted in 1989 the sources of short Gamma-Ray Bursts and the sites where heavy elements are synthesized. 

Gamma Ray Bursts

Gamma Ray Bursts are the brightest explosions in the Universe. My research spans numerous aspects of this events, ranging from the origin to their effects on Life on Earth.