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  • Hotokezaka, K., Piran, T., Paul, M., Short-lived 244Pu points to compact binary mergers as sites for heavy r-process nucleosynthesis, NatPh, 11, 1042 ,2015 (PDF)
  • Yang, B.,..Piran, T..,et al., A possible macronova in the late afterglow of the long-short burst GRB 060614, NatCo, 6, 7323 ,2015 (PDF)
  • Vasileiou, V., Granot, J., Piran, T., Amelino-Camelia, G., A Planck-scale limit on spacetime fuzziness and stochastic Lorentz invariance violation, NatPh, 11, 344 ,2015 (PDF)
  • Nakar, E., Piran, T., Detectable radio flares following gravitational waves from mergers of binary neutron stars, Natur, 478, 82 ,2011 (PDF)


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