I am working on a book provisionally entitled The Invention of Self-Government: Richard Price and the Liberty Debate. The book reconsiders the contribution of the British radical Richard Price (1723-1791) to the neoclassical theory of liberty and government. It aims to expand our understanding of republicanism and its critics in the age of the American and French revolutions. This project is supported by ISF Grant 1970/16, 2016-2019.

I am also editing, with Geneviève Rousselière (Duke University), a volume entitled Republicanism and the Future of Democracy, under contract with Cambridge University Press. The primary aim of this volume is to chart ways in which republican political thought can contribute to our understanding of democracy in the twenty-first century.

I am working on several other projects, including an article entitled "The True Spirit of a Republican: Adam Smith's Ideal of Impartial Patriotism" (under review), and an article entitled "How Did Negative Liberty Become a Positive Ideal?" (co-authored with Efraim Podoksik, under review).