My book manuscript, The Revolution of Liberty: Richard Price and the Idea of Liberty as Self-government, is a study of the popular republican account of liberty as self-government developed by the philosopher Richard Price and its significance in the Age of Revolutions and in our own time. This project is supported by ISF Grant 1970/16, 2016-2019.

Together with Geneviève Rousselière (Duke University), I have edited a volume entitled Republicanism and the Future of Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2019), which offers new perspectives from leading scholars on how republicanism can help transform democratic theory and respond to some of its most pressing challenges. 

I have written articles on the political ideas of Jeremy Bentham, Adam Ferguson, and Adam Smith. Natan Milikowsky (The Hebrew University) and I are currently working on an article entitled "Ethnicizing the Republic: The Strange Career of the Concept of Republicanism in Israel."