Sample of investments in private companies


S.D. Sight Diagnostics Ltd: https://www.sightdx.comInvestment in 2020.

3G Direct Pay Limited: Investments in 2019 and 2020.  Sold to International Network in 2021 for about $150m. 

3G Direct Pay South Africa Proprietary Limited: https: Investments in 2019 and 2020.  Sold to International Network in 2021 for about $150m.

uAfrica: Investment in 2019.

Bidorbuy (Pty) Ltd: Investment in 2019.

Accelario: Seed investment in 2018 and followup investments in 2019 and 2020.

Mesh Payments: Seed investment in 2018 and followup investment in 2020.

Rewire: Investments in 2018 and 2020.

Edete Precision technologies for Agriculture: Seed investment in 2016 and followup investments in 2017 and 2020.

Body Vision: Investment in 2016 and followup investments in 2018--2019.

Radiflow: Investment in 2015, and followup investments 2016--2020.

Laminate: Investment in 2015 and followup investment in 2018.

ScaleMP: Investment in 2010 and several followup investments in 2011--2020. Assets have been sold in 2021 to SAP for an undisclosed amount.

Annapurna Labs: Seed investor in 2011 and followup investment in 2013, sold to Amazon in 2015 for over $350m.

Facebook (FB): Investment in 2011. IPO in 2012 at a value of over $100B. (Current value -- October 2021 -- of about $900B.)

B-Hive: Seed investment in 2005. Sold to VMware in 2008 for about $60m.

Mellanox Technologies (MLNX): Seed investor in 1999. IPO in 2007 at a value of over $500m, sold in 2019/2020 to Nvidea for $6.9B.

QXL/Tradus: Seed investor in 1998. IPO in 1999 at a value of about $436m, sold to Naspers in 2008 for about $1.9B. Inc.: Seed investor in 1999 and followup investments 2007--2018. Dissolved in 2019 with a distribution to shareholders of about $13m.

Galileo Technologies (GALT): Seed investor in 1993. IPO in 1997 at a value of about $300m, sold to Marvel Technologies in 2000/1 for $2.7B.

Invision Tech (Optima): Investment in 2005.

Kasamba: Investment in 2004. Sold to LivePerson in 2007 for about $40m.

G.I. View: Investments in 2003 and follow up investments 2004--2015.

Care Key: Investment in 2000. Sold to TriZetto in 2006 for about $100m.

Giganet/Ceragon (CRNT): Investment in 1998. IPO in 2000 at a value of about $330m.

iMDsoft: Investment in 1998. Sold to TPG in 2012 for about $80m. 

Metalink (MTLK): Investment in 1996. IPO in 1999 at a value of about $180m.

Radvision (RVSN): Investment in 1995. IPO in 2000 at a value of $361m. Sold to Avaya in 2012 for about $230m.

Radcom (RDCM): Investment in 1993. IPO in 1997 at a value of $91m.

Rit Technologies Ltd (RITT): Investment in 1993. IPO in 1997 at a value of  $67m.

Racotek: Investment in 1992 IPO in 1993 at a value of ??.

Armon: Investment in 1992.  Sold to Bay Networks in 1996 for about $33m.

Silicom (SILC): Investment in 1991. IPO in 1994 at a value of ??. 

Failed investments include: Run Unlimited Networkings (1993?), Golden Screens (1993), Edge Medical Devices (1997), Oberon (2004?), SGT (2007), GingerSoftware (2009), Cathether Connection (2009), Mobile Economy (2000), Main Exchange (1999), Radguard (1997?).