Working papers

Estimating the Potential Impact of Multimarket Contact on the Intensity of Competition (version: February 2021) with Dalia Shilian and Daniel D. Blanga

Inferring Market Definitions and Competition Groups from Empirically-Estimated Demand Systems: A Practitioner's Guide with Assaf Kovo

Demand Fluctuations, Capacity Constraints and Repeated Interaction: An Empirical Analysis of Service Quality Adjustment with Olivier Chatain (CEPR Discussion Paper 10545)

Structure, Conduct, and Contact: Competition in Closely-Related Markets” (version: December 2019) with Dalia Shilian

In progress

“Mergers and market power: expanding the econometrician’s tool case”

“Econometric analysis of curated choice,” with Walter Beckert

“The Effect of Environmental Taxes on Equilibrium Prices and Product Variety in the Automobile Market,” with Naomi Feldman