Working papers

Working papers

"Demand Fluctuations, Capacity Constraints and Repeated Interaction: An Empirical Analysis of Service Quality Adjustment," with Olivier Chatain (CEPR Discussion Paper 10545)

"Retail Prices in a City" (version: July 2017, submitted), with Saul Lach and Merav Yiftach

“Physician workload and treatment choice: the case of primary care,” (version: September 2018, submitted) with Ity Shurtz, Adi Alkalay and Amnon Lahad

"The Dynamics of Technology Adoption and Vertical Restraints: an Empirical Analysis," with Andràs Péchy and Michelle Sovinsky 

“Inferring Market Definitions and Competition Groups from Empirically-Estimated Demand Systems: A Practitioner's Guide," with Assaf Kovo

In progress

"Customer-specific Information and the Degree of Price Discrimination: An Empirical Analysis" (ISF grant #1338)

"Hindering the Spread of New Technology: The Social Consequences of Protecting Consumers from Margarine," with David Genesove 

“Structure, Conduct, and Contact: non-Competitive Behavior in Closely-Related Markets,” with Dalia Shilian