2009-Physical Implementations of Quantum Computing

In recent years an intense R&D effort has been devoted to exploring the possibility of constructing a new breed of computers that are based on the fundamentals of quantum physics. 
This R&D effort is conducted simultaneously in the areas of computer science and theoretical physics in an effort to evaluate the computing power of quantum computing as a computing paradigm, and to offer the algorithms by which it can be exploited.
By its nature quantum computing will require a special physical chassis for its implementation that differs from the existing computing technologies. At the present time, many alternative directions for providing the fundamental principles for a quantum computing technology are explored. However, hitherto none has been identified as the preferred direction that will lead to a viable quantum computing technology.
The second Peter Brojde Meeting for Innovations in Engineering and Computer Science will be devoted to considering several optional directions for implementing quantum computing paradigms. 

The Conference will be held at Yad-Hashmona on the 9th of December 2009. The conference is planned to provide a wide introduction to the subject, and is therefore aimed for scientists and engineers from the academia and the high-tech industry as well as students.



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