Nir Bar-Gill

Dr. Nir Bar-Gill

Head of the Quantum Information, Simulation and Sensing lab
The Peter Brojde Scholar 2014 - 2016
Nir Bar-Gill

Dr. Nir Bar-Gill joined the Hebrew University in July 2013 as a joint appointment between the Department of Applied Physics and the Racah Institute of Physics. His research aims to create a new platform for both fundamental studies in quantum science and interdisciplinary applications. Specifically, he is researching the nitrogen-vacancy color center in diamond, which can serve as a building block for quantum information processing and for quantum sensing.
Bar-Gill completed his undergraduate studies in physics and electrical engineering (summa cum laude) and master's degrees in physics at the Technion. He completed his doctorate at the Weizmann Institute of Science in 2010, studying utlracold atoms under the guidance of Prof. Nir Davidson and Prof. Gershon Kurizki. He received the Auto Schwartz fellowship for excellence in research and the Feinberg Dean's prize for Ph.D. students.
Bar-Gill then spent the next three years as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, working in the group of Prof. Ronald Walsworth. He made contributions to the understanding of NV spin physics and to extending the NV coherence time to nearly one second. He received the Harvard post-doctoral award for career development and the Minerva ARCHES award.

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