Welcome to the Photonic Devices Group at the Hebrew University
The Photonic Devices Group is part of the Applied Physics Department, headed by Prof. Dan Marom. Our core mission is to innovate at the photonic device and optical subsystem level, to enable next generation optical communications in support of society’s information consumption.

Current research areas include:

  • Waveguide devices for wavelength/mode filters
  • 3D printing of nanophotonic structures on fiber
  • On-chip MEMS waveguide switches
  • Nanoparticles dispersed within waveguides
  • Optical fiber and wavelength switches
  • All-optical ultrafast information processing
  • Space and wavelength division multiplexing

Group Focus

Activities in novel composite materials, optical and micro-electro-mechanical devices, adaptive functionality at the subsystem level incorporating guided-wave and free-space optics, and optical signal processing based on nonlinear interaction between beams