All-Optical Wavelength Conversion Using aPulse Reformatting Optical Filter


J. Leuthold, D. M. Marom, S. Cabot, J. J. Jaques, R. Ryf, and R. C. Giles, “All-Optical Wavelength Conversion Using aPulse Reformatting Optical Filter,” JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 186-192, 2004.


We introduce a general concept for the design of all-optical wavelength converters with pulse reformatting functionality. The novel wavelength converters are based on a single semiconductor optical amplifier followed by an optical filter. A microelectromechanical system-based realization is shown and simultaneous 40 Gb/s wavelength conversion, switching and signal format conversion is demonstrated. The new pulse reformatting optical filter device outperforms current schemes with respect to input-power requirements, input-power dynamic range and signal quality.

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