Direct 3D Nano-Printing of optical elements on Optical Fiber Tip

Thesis Type:

MSc thesis


In this work I report on the development and optimization of fabrication process of three dimensional optical nano devices directly on the tip of optical fiber.

The system we use in order to realize these optical elements is the commercial Nanoscribe™ system which is based on polymerization of negative tone photoresist, and using two-photon absorption.

Many efforts were invested in this research in two main directions. One is the optimization of the element’s optical quality, by reducing its surface’s roughness and second is the system’s adaptation to print elements directly on an optical fiber tip, in accurate form and exact alignment to the optical axis of the fiber.

We utilize the ability to print arbitrary real 3D volumetric structures in photoresist at the nanoscale with our Nanoscribe tool directly onto a fiber tip in convenient and accurate way, and this ability gives us wide leeway for realizing sophisticated optical elements that are directly interact with the beam delivered by the fiber.

Last updated on 09/21/2016