Updated: November, 2014


1993 BA, Department of Jewish History and the Amirim Honors Program in Humanities, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, magna cum laude.

1995 MA, in the doctoral track, Department of Jewish History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, MA thesis "The Transmission of Memory in Memoirs written by Holocaust Survivors", supervised by Prof. Emmanuel Sivan, summa cum laude,.

2001 Ph.D, Department of Jewish History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, “Mothers and Children: The Medieval Jewish Experience”, supervised by Prof. Robert Bonfil, summa cum laude

2000-2001, Post-doctoral fellow, Women’s Studies Program and Departments of History and Religion, University of Pennsylvania.


2000-2001, Alice Paul Research Center for Women’s Studies, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania.

2000-2001, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Departments of History and Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania.

2002- 2008, Lecturer, Department of Jewish History and Gender Studies Program, Bar Ilan University.

Summer, 2004, Guest Lecturer, Bernard Revel Graduate School, Yeshiva University.

2008-2013, Tenured Senior Lecturer, Department of Jewish History and Gender Studies Program, Bar Ilan University

2008-2009, Women in Religion Program, Harvard Divinity School, (declined)

2008-2009, Member, School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Spring 2012, Visiting Professor EHESS, Paris

Fall, 2012, Fellow, Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies and Visiting Professor, University of Pennsylvania

2013-Tenured Associate Professor, Department of Jewish History and Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem  



2013- Member of Board of Dinur Center for Jewish History, Hebrew University

2013- member of the George Mosse Fellowship Committee

2014- Head of Limud BChevruta doctoral groups in Social Sciences and Humanities

2014- co-organizer of Forum Hadashim, for new faculty members in Humanities

2014- BA advisor, Department of Jewish History

2014 –Member of Hebrew University Gender Committee


2002-2005, member of Gender Studies Program Founding Steering Committee.

2002-2004; 2011-2013, member of Department of Jewish History’s Teaching Committee .

Fall 2009, Acting Chair, Gender Studies Program.

2006- 2011, Head of Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Center for the Study of Jewish Women.


a.      Editorial Boards

    1. Book Review Editor, Zion, the Quarterly of the Historical Society of Israel, 1996-1999.
    2. Member of the editorial board of Nashim (published by Machon Schechter, Brandeis University and Indiana University Press), since 2003.
    3. Member of the editorial board of Massechet (published by Matan Institute, Jerusalem), 2003-2012;
    4. Member of the editorial board of Jewish Studies Online (Heidelberg, Hochschüle), 2007-present.
    5. Member of publication committee at Machon Ben Zvi, 2008-2013.
    6. Member of the editorial board of Jews and Judaism in the Medieval World, Seventh through Fifteenth Centuries, vol. 6-7 of the Cambridge History of Judaism, 2007-present.
    7. Member of the Historical Studies Committee, World Union of Jewish Studies, 2010-present.
    8. Member of the directory board of the Israel Historical Society, 2011-present.
    9. Member of Merkaz Shazar Publication Committee, October 2012-present.
    10. Member of Israel Young Academy, 2014-2018.

b.  Organization of Conferences and Workshops:

2002, “Jewish Women and their Families”, Institute for Advanced Studies (Jerusalem) together with Profs. David Ruderman and Shaye Gafni.

2003, member of organizing committee of conference held at University of Maryland: Theories and Practices of Difference and Commonality- Global Perspectives.

2004-2005, academic advisor, Zalman Shazar Center: “Women making history”, yearly course.

2005, Conference Chair: Gender, Religion and Society, International conference, Gender Studies Program, Bar Ilan University.

2005, organizer of conference “House of Jacob- Images and Examples: Family and Gender in Medieval Jewish History, in honor of Prof. Robert Bonfil’s retirement, Hebrew University.

2008, Organizer of “Middle Ages Today” Conference, Israel Historical Society.

2008-2009, Co-organizer of two conferences with the Hadassah Brandeis Institute at Brandeis University: Gender, Religion and Law (2008) Gender and Jewish Thought (2009).

2006-2011, Organizer of all conferences for Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Center for the Study of Jewish Women, Bar Ilan University (3 per year).

2006-2008; 2011; 2013; 2014; 2015 Medieval Graduate Workshop at the Israel Historical Society with Profs. Caroline Bynum, Sharon Farmer, Anders Winroth, Monica Green,  Ruth Mazo Karras, Julia Smith.

2010, Organizer of Conference “Gender and Jewish Identity” with Brandeis University, Bar Ilan University.

2011, Co-organizer of ISF Workshop on “Thirteenth Century France- Continuity and Change”, IIAS, Jerusalem, Feb. 2011 with Judah Galinsky.

2012, member of organizational committee, Conference on New Understandings of Gender, Love and the Jewish Family, Vanleer Institute.

2012, Co-organizer of mini-conference "Cultural Cityscapes: Authority and Piety in 13th century Urban Centers", Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania with Prof. Yosef Schwartz and Uri Shachar.

2013-, co-initiator (with Judah Galinsky, Claudia Rosenzweig and Ephraim Shoham-Steiner) of Ashkenaz Forum for post-graduates from all Israeli universities that meets once a month at IIAS Jerusalem.

2015, “Beyond the Elite”, workshop at IIAS Jerusalem, funded by ISF/IIAS. Organized with Judah Galinsky.

2015, Yemei haBenyaim Achshav, Annual Historical Society conference, at HU, organized with Ayelet Even Ezra.

2015 “Jews on the Move” Summer School in Humanities at IIAS in cooperation with Steven Weitzman, Katz Center, University of Pennsylvania.


 1999-2000, American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship.

2000-2002, Yad Hanadiv Rothschild Western European Post Doctoral Fellowship.

2002, Urbach Post Doctoral Fellowship, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.         

2002-2005, Allon Fellowship, Council of Higher Education, Israel.

2002-2004, Israel Science Foundation Research Grant, co-investigator with Prof. Rella Kushelevsky, “Hebrew Stories in Medieval Ashkenaz” 210,000 NIS.

2005, Runner up, National Jewish Book Award, category Women’s Studies.

2005, Koret Book Award, best book in Jewish History 2005.

2006, Hadassah Brandeis Institute Research Award.

2006, German Israel Foundation (GIF) Young Scientist’s Award for project: “The Business of Holy Matrimony” (30,000 EU).

2006-2007, Israel Science Foundation Grant: Manuscript work for project “Gender and Piety: Religion and Practice in Medieval Germany and Northern France”. (200,000 NIS)

2008-2010, Israel Science Foundation Grant, co-investigator with Prof. Rella Kushelevsky, “Sefer HaMa’asim – A Critical Edition” (150,000 NIS).

2008, Jordan Schnitzer Book Award for best book in Gender Studies, Association of Jewish Studies

2010 Israel Science Foundation and Institute for Advanced Study, Jerusalem conference grant for conference on Thirteenth Century Northern France, Change and Continuity, Feb. 2011, co-organized with Judah Galinsky  ($40,000) .

2010-2012, Israel Science Foundation Grant: The Business of Holy Matrimony: Jewish Marriage in Medieval Europe (300,000 NIS).

2013, Israel Science Foundation translation grant in Humanities (20,000 NIS)

2014, Israel Science Foundation and Institute for Advanced Study, conference grant for Beyond the Elite, Feb. 2015, co-organized with Judah Galinsky (140,000 NIS).

2014-2016, Israel Science Foundation Grant: Biblical Models as Keys to Daily Life in Medieval Ashkenaz (330,000 NIS).