87 fs CEP-stable Cr:ZnSe laser system


Komm, P., Sheintop, U., Noach, S. & Marcus, G. 87 fs CEP-stable Cr:ZnSe laser system. Laser Physics 28, 2, 025301 (2018).
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A hybrid laser scheme for the generation and amplification of mid-IR ultrashort pulses, with a carrier to envelope stable phase, is presented. Seed mid-IR pulses with picojoule energies are obtained via intrapulse difference frequency generation from an 8 fs Ti:sapphire oscillator. The energy of these seed pulses is then amplified in a multipass Cr:ZnSe laser amplifier to more than a nanojoule/pulse level. The duration of the amplified impulses is measured to be 87 fs, and the width of their spectrum supports their compression to ~50 fs.

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