Open Positions

Two Ph.D. and one postdoctoral position are available in our research group.

Project description:



We want to understand how the protein environment is controlling spectral properties of an embedded chromophore in photoreceptors. Ultimately, the aim is to design protein mutants with desired photochemical properties. Such properties range from absorption wavelength to excited state dynamics. The project is funded by the ERC Starting Grant “PhotoMutant”.

Basic requirements:


Eligible candidates for a postdoctoral position should have a Ph.D. degree and experience in computational chemistry, biology, biophysics, or related fields. Applicants for a Ph.D. position require some basic knowledge in computational chemistry or a closely related field, as well as a Master or a Bachelor degree (for a direct Ph.D.).



Adequate communication skills in English, as well as marked enthusiasm for research and creativity, are mandatory.

Specific knowledge, experience and skills:

The candidate’s research will focus on simulating photoreceptor proteins using different computational methods. Hence, an applicant for a Ph.D. student position should have at least one of the listed experiences. A candidate for the postdoctoral position should have at least two of the following skills:

  • Running molecular dynamics simulations
  • Calculation of excited state energies (TD-DFT, CC2, ADC2, EOM-CCSD or other ab initio methods)
  • Hybrid or combined quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics (QM/MM) simulations
  • Multiconfigurational(-reference) wavefunction methods
  • Embedding a protein in a lipid bilayer



Interested candidates please submit the following documents:

  1. A cover letter including research accomplishments and interests, specifically highlighting which of the listed knowledge or skills is covered,
  2. CV with a publication list,
  3. Transcripts and diplomas for the completed degrees,
  4. The names and contact information for at least two references 



Please send everything by email to igor.schapiro at

The successful candidate will be offered a competitive package commensurate to qualifications and experience.