Tomer Nisimov

Tomer Nisimov

M.A. Student
Tomer Nisimov


Tomer Nisimov is a Master of Asian Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focuses on modern history and politics of Northeast Asia. Tomer has been researching China's Civil War with an emphasis of its international history aspect, and in particular the involvement of the Soviet Union and other communist movements and states in East Asia. He is currently working on a project about the Korean Volunteer Army that had operated in China during the War of Resistance Against Japan and China's Civil War. For the last few years he has been conducting his research mainly in China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Research Project

Prolonged Rivalry in Manchuria: From World War II to the Korean War


"The Role of North Korea in China's Civil War: The Soviet-led North Korean Assistance to the CPC in the Northeast Theater, 1946-1948," Journal of Chinese Military History (forthcoming).


"The Chinese Communists' External Aid During the Civil War in Manchuria: Alliances, Assistance, and Collaboration," MA Thesis, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2017).