Research Projects

Recent and on-going research projects include:

• An ethnographic field project on War and the Military in Contemporary Chinese Education: The Effects of Schooling and the 'Patriotic Education' Campaign on the Attitudes of Middle-School Students toward Armed Conflict (supported by a Spencer Foundation Grant, 2016-2019)

• A cultural history project on constructions of gender, war, and political violence in PRC children and youth culture (1949-present)

• An ethnographic field project on "Education and the Formation of National Identity in China: The Effects of Schooling and ‘Patriotic Education’ on Youth of Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds” (sponsored by the ISF and the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, 2012-2016). The project examined the effects of schooling, the Chinese government's 'patriotic education' campaign, and consumption of foreign popular culture products on the attitudes of urban and rural Han-Chinese youths of various class backgrounds toward their nation-state and foreign 'Others'.