The Laboratory for Learning and Verbal Information Processing (The Red Lab) is located at the fifth floor of the Department of Psychology (25502). It comprises a large working area and four experimental rooms with state-of-the-art equipment for conducting behavioral research including an EyeLink eye-tracker. The software used for running experiments is Presentation. More than 1500 subjects are tested in the laboratory every year.



Per-Li Piro (Laboratory coordinator). 

Louisa Bogaerts (Post-doc fellow). The neurobiological mechanisms of statistical learning.

Henry Brice (Ph.D Student). Statistical learning and second language learning.

Naama Schwartz (M.A Student). Training statistical learning abilities.

Amit Elazar (M.A Student). Statistical learning and linguistic representations.

Tomer Eisenbach (B.A Student).

Roni Stein (B.A Student).