Ran Holtzman


Lecturer (assistant professor)
The Department of Soil and Water Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Currently on sabbatical at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (http://www.idaea.csic.es), Barcelona, Spain


I am interested in the coupling of multiphase and reactive fluid flow and mechanical and chemical deformation in the subsurface. I integrate simulations, experiments and theory to understand
the interplay between hydrodynamics, geomechanics, and geochemistry. My research, which
cuts across the interface of engineering and physics, is motivated by environmental and energy applications such as soil infiltration and evapotranspiration, contaminant transport and
remediation, enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and carbon geosequestration. Current projects
range from basic, pore-scale studies–for instance the effects of microstructural heterogeneity,
matrix deformation and wettability on fluid displacement, to applied, field-scale problems, such
as managed aquifer recharge and impact of biochar agricultural application.

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