Ran Holtzman


Lecturer (assistant professor)
The Department of Soil and Water Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Currently on sabbatical at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (http://www.idaea.csic.es), Barcelona, Spain


I am a geoscientist with a strong engineering / computational background. I study dynamic, coupled processes controlling multiphase and reactive fluid flow in the subsurface. I emphasize preferential flows associated with pore-scale heterogeneity and fluid-solid interactions changing the properties that control further flow. Examples include fingering caused by viscous and capillary instabilities and wettability effects, and chemo-mechanical sediment deformation by dissolution and fracturing. I gain fundamental understanding, namely identify the governing mechanisms and parameters, using numerical simulations and controlled experiments in simplified model medium (analogs) such as micromodels and bead packs. These insights are applied towards understanding subsurface transport, storage and extraction of water, gases, contaminants and hydrocarbons at larger scales, through scaling analysis and formulation of constitutive relations. My ultimate goal is understanding natural and industrial processes such as migration and recovery of water and hydrocarbons and the associated issues of pollution and geohazards, carbon geosequestration, and soil wetting and drying.

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