The Lab

The lab is equipped with the required instruments for polymer synthesis and characterization, as well as for the preparation of thin films and their basic characterization (see slideshow below).
Additionally, we spend many hours characterizing our samples using the microscopes of the Hebrew University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, as well as fabricate patterned substrates by electron beam lithography.

Shenhar Lab Resources

  • Anionic polymerization line

    Polymerization line

    Use: distillation of solvent and monomers for anionic polymerization

  • Polymerization reactor

    Polymerization reactor

    Use: reactor for anionic polymerization

  • Vacuum line

    Use: radical polymerization

  • Quadruple detector gel permeation chromatography system (UV, RI, LS, and Visco)

    Use: molar mass disribution analysis

  • Vacuum oven

    Vacuum oven

    Use: thermal annealing of polymer samples

  • Laminar flow hood, with spin coater and nanoimprint lithography press

    Use: preparation of thin polymer films under clean atmosphere

  • Monochromatic ellipsometer

    Use: initial determination of polymer film thickness

  • Heated vacuum tubes

    Use: chemical modification of specific domains in block copolymer films

  • Stereoscope + scriber

    Steroscope + scribing instrument

    Use: create scratches in polymer films under microscope control for local film thickness analysis