D+ is a 64 bit application. You can download the D+ installer of version (the version of the paper) or version (a newer version that is under development).

If you have an earlier version of D+ you will need to uninstall it before installing the new version.  


Before installing the program you will need to agree to the License of D+. 

Our Tutorials will help you to get started.

For more inforamtion see our User's Manual and papers

You may also learn from our Usage Examples

Use the Suggest Parameters accessory tool.

The PDBUnits accessory tool can be useful if you have a large atomic model (given as a PDB file) with repeating smaller subunits. 

DebyeCalculator is a tool of D+ for computing the scattering intensity of atomic models, given as PDB files, using Debye formula.

If your computer does not have a GPU, you may want to try Remote D+.


In addition, D+ has a Python API for more advanced usage of D+.

If you have a problem please try our Troubleshooting.

If you find bugs, or if you have comments/ideas, please report using our bug report form or contact us

The source code of D+ is available for academic users and developers