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Sweat ducts may act as giveaway 'antennas'

April 4, 2008
Our skin may contain millions of tiny "antennas" in the form of microscopic sweat ducts, say researchers in Israel. In experiments, they found evidence that signals produced by bouncing electromagnetic waves off the tiny tubes might reveal a person's physical and emotional state from a distance. Read more at New Scientist.
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Discover Innovation Award for Leading Invention in Communication 2001

July 7, 2001

Aharon Agranat's wife wears the earrings he crafted for her with pride. The jewel in each stud is a pale green man-made crystal— potassium lithium tantalate niobate— concocted by Agranat, a 48-year-old Israeli physicist. The crystal, KLTN for short, may also revolutionize fiber optics and change the way you use the Web, transmit data, or phone loved ones. Read more at Discovery Magazine.

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