Selected Group Publications


Gilad Hirshfeld, Yehuda Vidal, Yehudit Garcia, Galina Perepelitsa, Avi Karsenty, Yossef Kabessa, and Aharon J. Agranat.
“Enhanced electro-optic effect in potassium lithium tantalate niobate at the paraelectric phase near Tc”
Results in Physics, Art No. 104059 (2021).
S. Noach, R. Nahear, Y. Vidal, Y. Garcia, and A. J. Agranat
“Electro optic active Q switched Tm:YLF laser based on polarization modulation”.
Optics Letters 46, (8), pp.‏ 1971-1974 (2021).
A. J. Agranat, Y. Kabessa, B. Shemer, E. Shpigel, O. Schwartsglass, L. Atamneh, Y. Uziel, M., Y. Mizrachi, M.  Eizenberg, Y. Garcia, G. Perepelitsa, and S. Belkin.
“An autonomous bioluminescent bacterial biosensor module for outdoor sensor networks, and its application for the detection of buried explosives”
Biosensors and Bio-Electronics 185, Art. No. 113253 (Aug. 1st, 2021).
Yehonatan Gelkop, Fabrizio Di Mei, Sagi Frishman, Yehudit Garcia, Ludovica Falsi, Galina Perepelitsa, Claudio Conti, Eugenio DelRe, and Aharon J. Agranat 
“Hyperbolic optics and superlensing in room-temperature KTN from self-induced k-space topological transitions”.
Nature Communications 12, Art. No. 7241 (2021).


Benjamin Shemer, Etai Shpigel, Carina Hazan, Yossi Kabessa, Aharon J. Agranat, and Shimshon Belkin,
“Detection of buried explosives with immobilized bacterial bioreporters”
Microbial Biotechnology, (23rd of Oct. 2020).
Nahear R., Vidal  Y., Noach S., Agranat  A. J.,
“Active Q-switching in Tm:YLF laser based on electro-optic KLTN”
Proc. of SPIE 11259, Article No. 1125932 (2020)
Agranat A. J., Frishman S., Garcia Y., Rosenthal D.,
 “Integrated electroholographic photorefractive gratings with sustained longevity by LED illumination”,
Proc. of SPIE 11276 Article No. 1127603 (2020).
Agranat A. J., Kabessa Y., Shpigel E., Shemer B., Schwartzglass O., Atamneh L., Mizrachi Y.,  Uziel Y., Ejzenberg M., Elad T., and Belkin S.
“Bioluminescent bacterial biosensor for large-scale field deployment”.
Proc. of SPIE 11258     Article Number: 112580I (2020)
Benjamin Shemer, Etai Shpigel, Carina Hazan, Yossi Kabessa, Aharon J. Agranat, and
 Shimshon Belkin,
“Detection of buried explosives with immobilized bacterial bioreporters”
Microbial Biotechnology, Accepted for publication (2020).
Shemer Benjamin, Shpigel Etai, Gluzman Anat, Yagur-Kroll Sharon, Kabessa Yossef, Agranat Aharon J., and Belkin Shimshon,
“Genome-wide gene-deletion screening identifies mutations that significantly enhance explosives vapor detection by a microbial sensor”
New Biotechnology 59, pp. 65-73 (Nov. 25 2020).


Rivka Bekenstein, Yossef Kabessa, Yonatan Sharabi1, Or Tal, Nader Engheta,
Gadi Eisenstein, Aharon J. Agranat, and Mordechai Segev,
"Control of Light by Curved Space in Nanophotonic Structures"
Nature Photonics 11, (10)   pp. 664-670 (2017).
Sagi Frishman, Meir Razvag, Aharon J. Agranat,
“Fast Electroholographic Wavelength Selective Switching Implemented in a Slab Waveguide”
Optics Letters, 42 (18), pp. 3582 – 3585 (2017).
S. Belkin, S. Yagur-Kroll, Y. Kabessa, V. Korouma, T. Septon, Y. Anati, C. Zohar-Perez, Z. Rabinovitz, A. Nussinovitch & A. J Agranat,
"Remote detection of buried landmines using a bacterial sensor" 
Nature Biotechnology 35 (2017) 


Y. Kabessa, O. Eyal, O. Bar-On, V. Korouma, S. Yagur-Kroll, S. Belkin, A. J. Agranat,
“Standoff Detection of Buried Landmines Using Genetically Engineered Fluorescent Bacterial Sensors”

Biosensors & Bioelectronics 79 pp. 784- 788  (2016).


D. Pierangeli, M. Flammini, F. Di Mei, J. Parravicini, C.E.M. de Oliveira, A.J. Agranat, and E. Del Re, 
“Continuous solitons in a lattice nonlinearity”
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114 (20) pp. 203901, (May  2015 ).
 R. Bekenstein, Y. Kabessa, O. Tal, Or; M. A. Bandres, A. J. Agranat, M.  Segev,
"Observing Light Dynamics in Micro-sized Schwarzschild Metric”
QELS Fundamental Science, Paper# FTu4C.2  (2015).
Yossef  Kabessa, Amir Yativ,Har’el Ilanand Aharon J. Agranat,
"Electro-Optical Modulation with Immunity to Optical Damage by Bipolar Operation in Potassium Lithium Tantalate Niobate".
Optics express 23, pp. 4348-4356   (February  2015)
Ayelet Yashar (Badichi), Har’el Ilan, and Aharon J. Agranat,
"Construction of waveguiding structures in potassium lithium tantalate niobate crystals by combined laser ablation and Ion implantation"
App. Phys. A-Mat. Sci. & Proces. 118  (2)  pp. 403-407 (Feb. 2015)


D. Pierangeli, J. Parravicini, F. Di Mei, GB. Parravicini, A. J. Agranat, and E. DelRe,
"Photorefractive light needles in glassy nanodisordered KNTN".
Optics letters 39, pp. 1657-1660 (2014)
Sagi Frishman ∙ Alexander Gumennik ∙ Har’el Ilan ∙ Aharon J. Agranat,
"A Bragg grating embedded in a slab waveguide fabricated by the implantation of high energy light ions in KLTN substrate"
Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics 115, (1)   pp. 143-147, (2014)


Yossef Kabessa, Victor Korouma, Har’el Ilan, Sharon Yagur-Kroll,Shimshon Belkin, and Aharon J. Agranat.
"Simultaneous quantification of the fluorescent responses of an ensemble of bacterial sensors".
Biosensors & bioelectronics 49,  pp. 394-8   (2013)
Noam Sapiens and Aharon J. Agranat,
"Full C-Band Tunable Laser based on Electroholography".
 Optics Letters 38,  pp. 2131-2133 (2013)
Shani Rosen, Gabriel Y. Sirat, Har'el Ilan, and  Aharon J.  Agranat,
 "A sub wavelength localization scheme in optical imaging using conical diffraction."
Optics Express  21, (8)  pp. 10133-8   (2013)


Har’el Ilan, and Aharon J. Agranat,
"Electrically controlled absorption in a slab waveguide formed by the implantation of protons in a potassium lithium tantalate niobate substrate".
Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 261101 (2012)
Har’el Ilan, Sagi Frishman and Aharon J. Agranat,
"Investigation of the conduction in an implanted layer of protons in a potassium lithium tantalate niobate substrate".
Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 141111 (2012)


A. Gumennik, Y. Kurzweil-Segev and A. J. Agranat,
“Electrooptical effects in glass forming liquids of dipolar nano-clusters embedded in a paraelectric environment”.
Optical Materials Express 1 ( 5), pp. 803–815 (2011)
H. Siman-Tov, A. Gumennik, H. Ilan, N. Mazursky, and A. J. Agranat,
“Construction of Conducting and Photoconducting 3D Structures with Submicron Resolution in Electrooptical Substrates”.
Applied Physics A - Materials Science & Processing 102, (1) pp. 45-48 (2011)


A. Gumennik, G. Perepelitsa, A. Israel and A. J. Agranat,
"A tunable channel waveguide array fabricated by the implantations of He+ ions in an electrooptical KLTN substrate".
Optics Express 17 (8), pp: 5919-6251 (2009)
N. Sapiens, A. Weissbrod, and A. J. Agranat,
"Fast Electroholographic Switching",
Optics Letters 34 (3) pp. 353-355 (Feb. 1st 2009)


H. Ilan, A. Gumennik, G. Perepelitsa, A. Israel and A. J. Agranat,
"Construction of an Optical Wire Imprinted in Potassium Lithium Tantalate Niobate by He+Implantation".
Applied Phys. Lett. 92, 191101 (2008)


A. J. Agranat, R. Kaner, G. Perpelitsa and Y. Garcia,
"Stable Electrooptic Striations Gratings Produced by Programmed Periodic Modulation of the Growth Temperature",
Appl. Phys. Lett. 90, Art. No. 192902 (May 20th 2007)
A. J. Agranat, C. E. M. de Oliveira, and G. Orr,
"Dielectric Electrooptic Gratings in Potassium Lithium Tantalate Niobate"
J. of Non-Cryst. Solids 353, (47-51), pp. 4405-4410 (1 December 2007)
A. Gumennik, H. Ilan, R. Fathei, A. Israel, A. J. Agranat, I. Shachar and M. Hass,
"Design Methodology of Refractive Index Engineering by High Energy Particles Implantations in Electrooptic Materials".
Applied Optics 46 (19)pp. 4132-4137  (July 1'st 2007)


H. Ilan, A. Gumennik, R. Fathei, A. J. Agranat, I. Shachar and M. Hass,
"Submerged waveguide constructed by the implantation of 12C ions in electrooptic crystals".
Appl. Phys. Lett. 89, Art. No. 241130 (Dec. 11, 2006)
A. Bitman, N. Sapiens, G. Bartal, L. Secundo, M. Segev, and A. J. Agranat,
“Electroholographic Tunable Volume Grating in the g44 Configuration”,
Optics Letters 31 (19) pp. 2849-2851 (October 1, 2006)


A. Gumennik, A J. Agranat, I. Shachar and M. Hass,
“Thermal stability of a slab waveguide implemented by α particles implantation in KLTN”.
Appl. Phys. Lett. 87 (25): Art. No. 251917 (DEC 19 2005)

Before 2005

M. Ivker and A.J. Agranat,
“Resistance Degradation Due to Interstitial Hydrogen in Photorefractive Potassium Lithium Tantalate Niobate Single Crystals”.
J. Applied Physics 96 (11), pp. 6405-6408 (Dec. 1'st 2004)
C. E. M. de Oliveira, G. Orr, N. Axelrold and A. J. Agranat,
"Controlled composition modulation in potassium lithium tantalate niobate crystals grown by off centered TSSG method".
J. Cryst. Growth. 273 (1-2) pp. 203-206 (Dec. 17 2004)
G . Bitton, Y. Feldman, and A. J. Agranat,
“Relaxation processes of off-center impurities in KTN : Li crystals”,
J. Non-Cryst. Solids 305 (1-3): pp. 362-367 (July 1 2002)
V.A. Trepakov, L. Jastrabik, S. Kapphan, E. Giulotto, A. Agranat,
“Phase Transitions, Related Properties and Possible Applications of (K,Li)(Ta,Nb)O3Crystals.”           
Optical Materials 19 (1) pp. 13-21 (2002)
A. J. Agranat,
"Optical lambda-switching at telecom wavelengths based on electroholography", 
Topics in Applied Physics 86, pp. 129-156 (2002)
A. J. Agranat, L. Secundo, N. Golshani, and M. Razvag,
“Wavelength Selective Photonic Switching in Paraelectric KLTN”,
Optical Materials 18 (1) pp. 195-197 (OCT 2001)
I. Segal, E. Dorfman, O. Yoffe, I. Bezrukavnikov, and A. J. Agranat,
“Direct ICP-OES Determination of Cu, Fe, Li, Ti, and V in Potassium Lithium Tantalate Niobate Crystals”,
Atomic Spectroscopy 21(2) (March/April 2000)
O. Levi, G. Perpelitsa, D. Davidov, S. Shalom, I. Benjamin, R. Neumann, A. J. Agranat and Y. Avni,
“A Photo Oxidation Mechanism for Patterning and Hologram Formation in Conjugated Polymer/Glass Composites”
J. of Appl. Physics 88 (2), pp. 1236 – 1243 (15 July 2000)
G. Bitton, Y. Feldman, and A. J. Agranat,
“Dielectric Properties of Photorefractive KLTN crystals”,
Ferroelectrics 239, pp. 213-224 (2000)
B. Pesach, G. Bartal, E. Refaeli and A. J. Agranat,
“Free Space Optical Cross-Connect Switch by Use of Electroholography.”
Applied Optics 39: (5) 746-758 (FEB 10 2000)
Eugenio DelRe, Mario Tamburrini,  Mordechai Segev,Refael Della Pergola, and  Aharon J. Agranat,  
“Spontaneous Self-Trapping of Optical Beams in Metastable Paraelectric Crystals”,
Phys. Rev Lett. 83, 1954 (1999)
O. Levi, S. Shalom, I. Benjamin,  G. Perepelitsa, A. J. Agranat, R. Neumann, and Y. Avny, and D. Davidov,
“Conjugated polymeric composites for holographic storage”
Synthetic Metals 102, pp. 1178 - 1181 (1999)
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Phys, Rev. Lett. 82 (8), 1664-1667 (1999)
G. Bitton, A. J. Agranat, and V. M. Fridkin.
“The Bulk Photovoltaic effect in Photorefractive KLTN Crystals”
Ferroelectric Letters 25: (1-2) 1-9 (1999)
E. DelRe, M. Tamburrini, M. Segev, M. Mitchell, E. Refaelli, and A. J. Agranat,
“2D Photorefractive Spatial Solitons in Centrosymmetric KLTN”
Appl. Phys. Lett. 73: (1) (16-18 JUL 6 1998)
G. Bitton, M. Razvag, and Aharon J. Agranat,
“Formation Of Metastable Ferroelectric Clusters In K1-X LiXTa1-YNbYO3:Cu,V at the Paraelectric Phase”,
Phys. Rev. B 58 (9), pp. 5282 – 5286 (Sept. 1st 1998)
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Phys. Rev. B Rapid Comm. 57, pp. R12647 - R12650 (15 May 1998)
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“Investigation of the holographic storage capacity of paraelectric KLTN”,
Optics Letters 23 (4/15), pp. 642 - 644 (1998)
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Optics Letters 23 (3/1), pp. 421 - 423, (1998)
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“Electric field multiplexing of volume holograms in paraelectric crystals”
Applied Optics 37, pp. 841 - 847 (1998)
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“Spatial solitons in centrosymmetric photorefractive media”
Optics Letters 22 (17), pp1299-1301 (September 1st, 1997)
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