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I am a leader in the fast-emerging global domain of quantitative studies of open big data. Based on theoretical insights from my MIT Press book (2014), I became the only social scientist Google Research Fellow in 2013-2014. Using Google funds, I created a unique software platform that harvests, index, and enriches metadata about the OD datasets that local, national and federated governments (such as the EU) publish on the web. This corpus is the largest and most sophisticated of its kind in the world today.

Using my corpus, I detected valuable, new, quantitative insights and published them mostly in conference proceedings (i.e, faster than the journal publication process). For example, some of these insights empowered me to detect ‘OD cheaters’ such as the USA federal government (2009-2011), several developing countries, and several very large USA cities that did not really cooperate with the new OD policy innovations as they claimed to be. Likewise, my insights have convinced NASA to launch new OD metadata enrichment programs.

All in all, over the past decade (2008-2017), I published one book with the MIT Press (2014, single authored), authored/co-authored a dozen papers in leading peer-reviewed journals, presented papers in 26 international and national conferences, and served as a keynote/invited speaker in a dozen leading academic and industry conferences. My published work was cited 726 times (none-self-citations) with about half of these citations during the past five years (H-Index 15 in 2017). See: