Throughout my nearly fifty years in academic life, first as a teaching assistant and then as a faculty member,  I have taught a variety of courses to numerous, both undergraduate and graduate students. Most of my teaching took place at the Hebrew University, but I have also taught at UCLA and the Weizmann Institute. Among the taught are: "Introduction to chemical bonding", "Symmetry in chemistry", "Molecular kinetics", "Lasers in chemistry", "Complex fluids and Self-assembly", and "Intermolecular forces". Yet, my favorite and by far most frequent teaching topics were  Classical and/or Statistical Thermodynamics, delivered at  different levels of depth and breadth to either undergraduate or gradute students. Encouraged by former students, I began writing an intermediate level book combining classical and statistical thermodynamics, with emphasis on the molecular underpinnings  of the thermodynamic theory, in the spirit of my teaching these topics.  Its preface is attached.  Also attached here is a short summary of "van der Waals forces" given to students in a class that I was teaching in 2014-2017  (as a part of an introductory statistaical thermodynamics course to all chemistry graduate students).

Hopefully this part of my home page will become more comprehensive and intersting in the foreseeable future.