Born in Jerusalem (as Avinoam Shaulson...) to Malka (Ruah) and Shaul Shaulson. Both families in Israel since early 1800s.


Brother of the late Yehuda (Biologist) Ben-Shaul - middle in photo, the late Moshe Ben-Shaul (Poet and Writer) - left in photo, and may he live long David -Daddy Ben-Shaul (Painter). 













Art of Moshe (left), Yehuda (right), Daddy - (above).


Elementary and high school in Jerusalem 1949-1961, IDF 1961-1963

Since 1965: Married to Dikla (Sitton-Hurwitz) -- Ben-Shaul 

Dikla by Pinhas Litvinovsky (left) and years later (right)

Parents of Yoram and Tamar- Malka Ben-Shaul (photo ~1981)

Now grand-parents of seven grand-chidren:  Yaron  Dorotee and Yoram's), Idan (Tammy and Simon's), Alon (Y&D), Michaela (T&S), Ayala (Y&D), Ben (T&S), To, (T&S)