Nanophotonic Structures Constructed in 3D Curved Space Inspired by General Relativity Concepts
Yossi Kabessa - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Applied Physics
Observing Light Dynamics in Micro-sized Schwarzschild Metric
Bekenstein, R., Kabessa, Y., Tal, O., Bandres, M., Agranat, A. J., and Segev, M.
Three-dimensional nanoprinting on optical fiber tip
Israel Weiss - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Applied Physics
Manipulation of Light with Nanostructures
Shlomi Litman - Tel Aviv University - Electrical Engineering

Shaping of light beams by 3D direct laser writing on facets of nonlinear crystals
Lightman, S., Gvishi, R., Hurvitz, G., Arie, A.

Opt. Lett. 40, 2015, DOI: 10.1364/OL.40.004460 

Particle Acceleration by High Intensity Laser
Gilad Oren - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Physics
Exploring Different Applications for Industrial Use of Nanoscale Resolution 3D Printing
Jon Donner - Nanofabrica - Microfabrication Rapid Prototyping