MEMS-based channelized dispersion compensator with flat passbands


D. T. Neilson, et al., “MEMS-based channelized dispersion compensator with flat passbands,” Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 101-105, 2004.


This paper describes a continuously variable and independently addressable channelized dispersion compensator. The optical system is a free-space grating-based system used in a four-pass configuration to ensure flat passbands. The variable dispersion is produced by an array of thermally adaptable curvature micromechanical mirrors. A per-channel variable dispersion greater than +/-400 ps/nm has been demonstrated, with 58 GHz +/-0.4 dB flat passband on 85 GHz spacing. The group delay ripple is less than 7 ps and the penalty with 40 Gb/s CSRZ is 0.7 dB.

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