Soliton shedding from Airy pulses in Kerr media


Y. Fattal, A. Rudnick, and D. M. Marom, “Soliton shedding from Airy pulses in Kerr media,” Optics Express, vol. 19, no. 18, pp. 17298-17307, 2011.
Soliton shedding from Airy pulses in Kerr media


We simulate and analyze the propagation of truncated temporal Airy pulses in a single mode fiber in the presence of self-phase modulation and anomalous dispersion as a function of the launched Airy power and truncation coefficient. Soliton pulse shedding is observed, where the emergent soliton parameters depend on the launched Airy pulse characteristics. The Soliton temporal position shifts to earlier times with higher launched powers due to an earlier shedding event and with greater energy in the Airy tail due to collisions with the accelerating lobes. In spite of the Airy energy loss to the shed Soliton, the Airy pulse continues to exhibit the unique property of acceleration in time and the main lobe recovers from the energy loss (healing property of Airy waveforms). ©2011 Optical Society of America

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