Sub-GHz Resolution Adaptive Filter and Flexible Shaping Photonic Spectral Processor

Thesis Type:

MSc thesis


A record performance metric arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) design with a 200 GHz free spectral range (FSR) capable of resolving sub-one GHz resolution spectral features is developed for a fine resolution photonic spectral processor (PSP). The AWGʼs FSR was designed to support sub-channel add/drop from a super-channel of 1Tb/s capacity. Due to fabrication imperfections we introduce phase corrections to the light beams emerging from the 250 waveguides of the AWG output using a liquid crystal on Silicon (LCoS) phase spatial light modulator (SLM) placed in an imaging configuration. A second LCoS SLM is located at the Fourier plane, for arbitrary spectral amplitude and phase manipulations. The PSP is utilized in different experiments, such as flexible spectral shaping and sub-carrier drop demultiplexer with sub-GHz spectral resolution.

Last updated on 09/16/2016