Michael Kolocek

Dr. Michael Kolocek

TU Dortmund University
Michael Kolocek

Michael Kolocek was three years old when he and his family emigrated in 1988 from Poland to Bochum, Germany. In Bochum, he learnt, inter alia, walking and cycling, talking and thinking, reading and writing. He studied spatial planning in Dortmund (TU Dortmund University) and graduated as a Diplomingenieur in 2009. In his diploma thesis, he examined the discourse strategies of certain actors involved in discourses on shopping centers. In 2010, Michael began to work as a researcher and doctoral student in the interdisciplinary research project FLOOR (www.floorgroup.de). FLOOR examines human rights, social policies, and land policies in a global context. Between 2010 and 2015, Michael wrote his dissertation about global discourses on the human right to housing. His research interests focus on discourse analysis, informality, poverty, dignity, housing, land policy, and global social policy. He gives lectures about land policy, land management, discourse analysis and housing. Michael receives his knowledge not only from books and other research documents, but also by examining public and private spaces when he walks or cycles through the landscape, and when he talks to people living in different cities and countries. He looks at human dignity not only from a legal, philosophical, religious, or historical, but also from a spatial point of view. As a spatial planer, he does not primarily suggest how to avoid humiliation entirely, but claims for recognizing and examining in detail examples of humiliation in everyday life. Michael is married and the father of two children.

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