Tamar Megiddo

Dr. Tamar Megiddo

New York University
Tamar Megiddo

Tamar Megiddo is a Doctor  of Juridical  Science  (J.S.D.)  candidate  at New  York University (NYU) School of Law. She is currently a visiting doctoral fellow at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law’s GlobalTrust Research Project. Drawing on the theory of international law, legal philosophy and social theory, Tamar’s current research centers on the role that individual people play in the practice of international law. Her doctoral dissertation conceptualizes individuals’ participation in the practice of international law and argues that it is more significant than regularly acknowledged. It argues, further, that people respond to international law and that it serves as a distinct factor that is taken into account in national policymaking processes. Tamar earned her Master of Laws from NYU School of Law, winning the law school’s graduation honors as well as the Jerome Lipper Award for distinction in the International Legal Studies program. She received her Bachelor degree in Law and the Humanities (Amirim Honors Program) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (magna cum laude). Between the years 2009 and 2011 Tamar clerked for Israeli Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia.

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