Dr. Hillel Aviezer

Dr. Hillel Aviezer

Dr. Hillel Aviezer

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Curriculum Vitae

My research is focused on understanding the behavioral and neuropsychological dynamics of social and emotional perception and expression. Facial expressions are elusive: despite decades of research surprisingly little is known about real-life emotional expressions occurring in natural context. An example of a research line in the lab involves contextualized emotion perception, in which we zoom out from the isolated face and try to understand how people express and perceive emotion in natural context. Our research is conducted on various neuropsychological populations (e.g., individuals with visual agnosia, Huntingtons disease, Kallmann syndrome etc) as well as healthy individuals.

Research Interests:

Emotion perception, Affective Neuropsychology, Social Neuroscience


 Aviezer , H. Hassin , R. R. Ryan , J. Grady , C. Susskind , J. Anderson , A. Bentin, S. (2008a).Angry, disgusted, or afraid? Studies on the malleability of emotion perception. Psychological Science, 19, 724-732