New call for the JBC Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Brain Research

June 14, 2020

The Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC) assists post-doctoral fellows in their research using a multidisciplinary approach to brain science

Fellowship Amount: Up to $15,000

Postdoctoral fellows will receive a competitive stipend for a period of one year and will only be granted, if a matching sum will be provided by the fellow's supervisor


The candidate must be (or has been) a student in an accredited institution of higher education and whose PhD training and post-doctoral projects are in the field of Brain Sciences and will be conducted under the supervision of a JBC Member.

The candidate has been granted a PhD before applying for the fellowship, or has already submitted his doctoral thesis for approval, when applying. (The candidate must receive approval of their PhD, during the first academic year of post-doctoral studies).

A student may not receive the fellowship, if he/she is currently receiving a similar fellowship from ELSC.

Students who receive fellowships from other faculties are eligible for a JBC Fellowship. However, the total combined amount, shall not exceed the maximum allowed by Hebrew University.

Applications will be evaluated by the JBC Academic Committee based on:

a. The academic achievements of the applicant.

b. The scientific merit of the post-doctoral project proposal.

Fellowships will be awarded after a rigorous academic review process by the JBC Academic Committee.

Fellowship Requirements:

Play an active role in JBC community.

Participate in JBC activities, e.g., attend JBC-sponsored events, etc.

Update the JBC on your experience, the fruits of your work, and the insights gained.

Submit annual reports to JBC, including recent publications and presentations, financial summary, and other activities related to JBC.

Acknowledge JBC in publications and presentations.

Please note:

Post-doctoral fellowships are considered as grants by the Authorities in Israel and are tax free.

Foreign fellows are required to obtain an A2 student visa prior to taking up the fellowship at the Hebrew University.

All the intellectual rights pertaining to any invention developed by a Fellow as a result of/or in the course of his/her research work at the Hebrew University and/or resulting from the use of University laboratories or property, shall entirely belong to the University. The Fellow will be entitled to royalties deriving from patent registration of any such invention, as prescribed in the University Regulations.


Submission Procedure:

The following documents should be submitted through the online application system: (uploaded to 'Documents Upload' folder according to the instructions).

1.     Photograph

2.     Application form in English (Online Application Form).

3.     Research Proposal (max 3 pages, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing).

4.     Abstract 

5.    Curriculum Vitae

6.    List of Publications

7.    3 most Significant Published Articles (PDF format).

8.    3 Letters of Recommendation (typed in English from three referees). The letters should be sent by the referee directly to the JBC fellowship portal according to this mechanism.

9.    A Letter from the Host PI, expressing his/her will to match the funding provided by the foundation.

10. Copy of PhD degree.  (If the PhD has not yet been awarded, the candidate must provide approval of the PhD, during the first academic year of the post-doctoral studies). 


Consideration will be given only to complete applications.

Last date to submit applications is July 12, 2020

Apply here