The synergy between Science and Art is the Mecca of our research. Therefore, we are actively engaged in the pursuit of innovative solutions to the enantio-selective synthesis of architectural complex molecules. The identification and investigation of transformative mechanisms, and the development of new chemo- and stereo-selective strategies in synthesis, is the principle driving force for our research program. Our program includes the applications of these new strategies for the synthesis of bio-active natural products cores. Moreover, we are interested in applying these new developments to the magical field of the hidden-chirality, which represents the state of the art of our scientific research, this cutting edge application provides more understanding and exposure of this challenging field of science. During the course of our studies, researchers will be exposed to all facets of organic synthesis including: organoboron-chemistry, Photoredox-reactions, studying reaction mechanism, reaction discovery and optimization, discovering unexpected reactivity, organometallic synthesis, physical organic chemistry, new methods for strong bonds (e.g. C-H, C-C, C-O, C-P) activation/functionalization, and medicinal chemistry exploration.
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