Current Research


Spatial Economics and Econometrics

  1. Critical values for unit root and cointegration tests for nonstationary spatial panel data.
  2. Spatial econometric model of Israel.
  3. Spatial general equilibrium theory.
  4. Defining housing submarkets with repeat sales data.
  5. Valuing infrastructure projects using hedonic house price data.
  6. Housing affordability in spatial general equilibrium

Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

  1. The transition into adulthood with ASD.
  2. Estimating recurrent risk for ASD when sample selectivity is induced by stoppage.
  3. Testing for behavioral effects on the recurrent risk for ASD.

Plea Bargaining

  1. Game-theoretical analysis of plea-bargaining theory.
  2. Plea-bargaining: do the innocent plead guilty and the guilty reduce their sentences? An empirical analysis for Israel.

  Economic Development of Georgia

  1. The dynamics of income inequality and mobility in regional Georgia.
  2. Economic development without rural-urban transition.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict

  1. Sticks and carrots in bilateral conflicts: dynamic game-theory.
  2. Econometric analysis of violence and cooperation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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  2. With O. Pinto and A. Rimmerman “Transition into adulthood with autism spectrum disorders: a longitudinal population cohort study”.
  3. With D. Feldman and D. Felsenstein “Defining housing submarkets using repeat sales data”.
  4. With J. Guetzkow and S. Kamenetsky “Plea bargaining and the miscarriage of justice”.
  5. With D. Felsenstein and D. Xieer "Housing affordability in spatial general equlibrium".