Courses Taught

Bachelor's degree courses

"Narrative Fiction in Iberian and Latin American Literature"

"The Spanish Golden Age Narrative"

"On the Footsteps of Don Quijote"

"Narrative Fiction-Literary Masterpieces in Western Literature" (Amirim)

"Introduction to Latin American literature"

“The Wonders of the Latin American Boom”

“Literature, Society and Politics in Latin America”

Don Quixote by Cervantes: Text and Context”

"From Cervantes to Almodóvar: A Journey into Spanish Literature"

“The Wonders of the Latin American Literature, XXth century”

“The Wonders of the Latin American Literature, XXIth century”



M.A. degree courses

"The Presence of the Bible in the Work of Cervantes"

"Tutoring in Spanish Literature"

"The Literature of the ‘Conversos’ after 1492"

"Irony across Literary History"

"Identity and Alterity": the Literature of the 'Conversos' in the Spanish Golden Age"

(Honors' course taught in cooperation with Prof. Kenneth Brown of the Univ. of Calgary).

“Imagining the Americas ” (Course taught with Prof. Ilana Pardes, of the General and Comparative Literature Department)

“Literature of the Conversos in Spain: From Ethics to Esthetics”

“Rogues, Lovers and Madmen in the Literature of Conversos of the Spanish Golden Age” "Works in Progress" (Ph.d. Students of the President's Honors Program)

“Memory and Oblivion in the Literature of the Conversos after 1492”

"Faith in the Literary Work of Jorge Luis Borges"

"Workshop towards the Annual Conference" (Ph.D. Students of the President's Honors Program)

"Between Memory and Oblivion: from the Iberian Peninsula to the Sephardic Diaspora. The Paths of the Literature of Conversos" (The University of Leipzig, the University of Sao Paulo and the University of Buenos Aires).

"Tutoring in Latin American Literature: the Poetics of Jorge Luis Borges"

"Eros, family and community" (taught in cooperation with Prof. Yoav Rinon, Prof. Yosef Kaplan and Dr. Shimrit Peled).

"European Forum Colloquium"

"Dangerous Relations: Forbidden Loves in the Golden Age Literature"

"On the Footsetps of Don Quixote to Contemporary Spain", Study trip to Spain.

"The Ironic Turn: Theory and Practice of Irony in the Spanish Golden Age Literature"

"The Bible Re-writing in the Literature of the Conversos"

"Borges and Cervantes I: Aesthetic Perspectives in Dialogue"

"Borges and Cervantes II: Aesthetic Perspectives in Dialogue"

"The marvelous literary world of Cervantes "Persiles""

"Cervantes´ Persiles through Don Quijote Looking Glass"

"Cervantes´ Persiles through The Exemplary Novels Looking Glass"

“Cervantes and the Picaresque Novel”

Don Quixote in Latin American Literature I”

Don Quixote in Latin American Literature II”

“Cervantes, playwriter”