Research Projects

Date                                                                     Title


The Israel Science Foundation (ISF), “Iberian Narratives of Conversion: a Comparative Perspective”.


Grant for Minerva Gentner Symposium and project "Fictions of Terror in the Southern Cone and Brazil: Recent Representations".

2021-22Grant for the International Conference: “Reescrituras latinoamericanas del Quijote”, Center for Literary Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2018-2019Grant for the International Conference “Clarice Lispector: Memory and Belonging”, held at the Hebrew University (Joint Seed Funding Scheme Freie Universität Berlin – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).


2018-2019Grant for Minerva Gentner Symposium and project "Redefining and Integrating Modern Jewish Literary Studies"
2014-2017"New Paradigms on Theater Interpretation. Responses in a Society in Multicultural Conflict".BITAE (II). International research Project of the Ministry of Economy and Competivity, Spain
2013-2014"Die zehn Gebote zwischen frühneuzeitlicher spanischer Heterodoxie und Orthodoxie" ("The Ten Commandments in Early Modern Spanish Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy"). International Cooperation research project of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Aufbau internationaler Kooperationen) with Prof. Cristoph Strosetzki (University of Munster)
2011-2014Research Group: "Eros, Family and Society"
Scholion Interdisciplinary Institute for Jewish Studies, Hebrew University
2011-2013"New Diasporas within Globalization Inter-/Trans-identity - Inter-/Trans-nation"
Co-director with Prof. Dr. Alfonso de Toro
the project is based on the collaboration of the University of Leipzig, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Moulay Ismaïl University of Meknes in Morocco.
2010"Neighbors and Strangers: Moslems, Christians and Jews in the Early Modern Mediterranean". Project sponsored by the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.
2010"Faith in the Literary Work of Jorge Luis Borges" Project sponsored by the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.
2007-2011"The Literature of the 'Conversos' after 1492. A Comprehensive Study of Identities in Conflict in the Literary Arena" , tri-annual project sponsored by The Israel Science Foundation (The Israeli Academy of Sciences).