Political narratives and political reality


Shenhav, S. (2006). Political narratives and political reality. nternational Political Science Review , 27 (3), 245-262.

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This article develops directions of thought for evaluating how faithfully political narratives represent “political reality,” and suggests several strategies for performing this evaluation. Based on a discussion of these strategies it claims that the concept of political narrative can be used by scholars with an entire range of perspectives or “basic views,” and not only by those who adhere to a radical relativism. Studying the role of these basic views in the political domain can also facilitate our understanding of the possible coexistence between different political narratives.


Item Citation: International Political Science Review. 27,3 (2006) 245-262Accession Number: edsram.aleph.publish.000447422; Publication Type: Periodical; Source: International Political Science Review; Language: English; Publication Date: 20060101

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