Shenhav, S. R. (2005). Thin and thick narrative analysis: On the question of defining and analyzing political narratives. Narrative Inquiry , 15 (1), 75 - 99 . John Benjamins Publishing Co. Publisher's VersionAbstract
This article focuses on the definition of the concept of political narrative and its implications in terms of analyzing political discourse. Comprised of two complicated concepts, politics and narrative, the definition of political narratives rests upon the meaning given to each concept and upon the interaction between them. The concept discourse may be regarded as political, either because of the thematic elements it addresses, or due to the context in which it arises. The following is a list of strategies for defining the concept of narrative: Minimalist structural definitions; a set of different substrategies or approaches which are based on minimalist definitions, with additional criteria; and the impact of narrative on the audience.