Quantum optics

Entangled photons sourceEntanglement is one of the most counterintuitive phenomena in quantum physics. We study the physics of highly entangled photons in complex systems, and explore how they can be harnessed for novel quantum technologies. 
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Fiber optics

Fiber PianoOptical fibers are an attractive solution for meeting the ever-growing demand for high-bandwidth, low-loss, reliable technology. They are at the heart of many day-to-day technologies, such as data transfer and medical endoscopes. Studying the physics of such systems is key for overcoming the inherent challenges they present. 
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Light in random media

Thick random samples like human skin, white paint or clouds, are opaque, as most of the light that illuminates them is backscattered. We develop methods to cancel the effect of scattering for imaging and communication application. 
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Nonlinear optics

FiberThe interplay between nonlinearity, disorder and interference exhibits fascinating and rich physics. Multimode optical fibers are a perfect testbed for studying such phenomena, as they exhibit strong nonlinearity and random mode mixing. We launch into the fiber ultrashort optical and explore the role of mode-mixing in nonlinear processes such as white light generation, spontaneous four-wave mixing and self-phase modulation.

Quantum technologies

We are developing a quantum key distribution system for secure quantum communications.