Creating Winning High-Tech Teams in the Public Sector


Peled A. Creating Winning High-Tech Teams in the Public Sector. Team Performance Management. 2000;6 (1-2) :6-14.


Lay summary: The article applies theory about high-performance teams, developed in the private sector, to public sector teams tasked with implementing IT projects. The article compares two different forms of project teams: work groups committees. It proposes that work groups are more effective at ensuring project implementation. Drawing on 2 case studies the article provides general lessons on staffing, structuring and supervising public sector IT workgroups. Publication significance: The smooth governance of a country depends on efficient public sector IT project implementation. Yet, the public sector consistently lags behind private sector technological efficiency. The article addresses this critical challenge to public sector legitimacy. The article compares two team project models, the workgroup and the committee, and presents important findings that provide insight into the design and implementation of effective public sector team projects.

Last updated on 10/08/2014