Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Oshri, O & & Shenhav, S. R. (forthcoming). Between continuity and change: The EU’s mechanism of differentiated value integration. European Journal of Political Research. [link] [appendix]

Oshri, O., Sheafer, T., & Shenhav, S. R. (2016). A community of values: Democratic identity formation in the European Union. European Union Politics, 17(1), 114-137. [link] [appendix]

Shenhav, S. R., Oshri, O., Ofek, D., & Sheafer, T. (2014). Story coalitions: Applying narrative theory to the study of coalition formation. Political Psychology, 35(5), 661-678. [link

Edited Volumes

Oshri, O., Harsgor, L., & Malka, R. I. Politics of recognition and redistribution: The effect of feminist consciousness on vote choice in the 2013 Israeli elections [chapter in a Van-Leer refereed collection]. [link]

Oshri, O., Kedar, O. & Hazan, N. Voting for Equality: The Gender gap in Voting in the 2013 Israeli Elections [chapter in a Van-Leer refereed collection]. [link]

Doctoral Thesis

2017. ‘United We Stand? Divided Voices in European Identity’, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  [Download.pdf]

Other Publications

Oshri, O. & Shenhav, S. R. (2017). How the EU shapes and hones its identity through the language of its treaties. LSE Democratic Audit (2017, Sep 10)

Oshri, O., Sheafer, T., & Shenhav, S. R. (2016). Still united in diversity? The longer a country is part of the EU, the stronger its citizens support liberal democratic values. LSE’s EUROPP - European Politics and Policy blog.  [link]                                    

Oshri, O. (2014). An Ever Closer Union? Congruency in Liberal-Democratic Values in the European Union. Working Paper 22/2014, Jerusalem: The Helmut Kohl Institute for European Studies.