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Originally I am part of the group of people that have established molecular reaction dynamics, MRD, as a distinct scientific discipline. Looking back on my early career I see three major milestones. (i) My Oxford University Press book ‘Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Rate Processes’, 1969 reprinted by Dover in 1999. This book was cited as the primary motivation when I was awarded the Israel Prize in 1974. (ii) My book, coauthored with the late R. B. Bernstein, Molecular Reaction Dynamics, 1974. It was originally published by Oxford University Press. More recently 2005, I am the sole author and the publisher is Cambridge University Press. Google scholar reports, (December, 2016), 3239 citations of this latest edition. The first edition was selected a ‘citation classic’ by the Institute of Scientific Information, (The Elementary Act of Chemical Creation, Current Contents/Physical Chemical & Earth Sciences (22): 14.1989,ditto in Current Contents/Engineering Technology & Applied Sciences) It also made me throughout the 1970’s to 1990’s one of the ten most cited Israeli scientists, Institute of Scientific Information records, and one of the worlds’ 1000 most cited. The first and last editions of Molecular Reaction Dynamics were both translated into Japanese, (Tokyo University Press), and into Hebrew, (Weizmann Press and Press of the Open University of Israel). The first edition was translated into Chinese and Russian. The second edition was translated into German. (iii) The introduction of Information theory methods to systems in non equilibrium first in Chemistry then in Physics and in engineering. Very recently, in Biology. My work on selectivity and specificity was cited in the award of the Wolf Prize (1988) and also as the third milestone for my election as (foreign) member of the US National Academy of Science. In Europe I am elected a member of Academia Europaea and an external scientific member of the Max Planck Society. I am also a (foreign) member of the Royal Danish Academy. I have honorary degrees from two European Universities. In Israel I am a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Recently an autobiography has been published in Molecular Physics, issues 2-4 of 2008. Earlier biographies have been published in the Israel Journal of Chemistry (1989, 2008) and in the Journal of Physical Chemistry (1998).

Students that I have guided in their Ph.D. work can be found as professors in all Israeli Universities and Graduate Schools, (four former students are professors in the Weizmann Institute), and in many colleges of technology (three former students in the Jerusalem College of Engineering). Israeli HiTech and BioTech industry has my students including in several of the largest companies. My non-Israeli former postdocs are in leadership positions in Universities and Research Institutes in Europe the US and Japan.


Detailed Curriculum Vitae of Raphael D. Levine

Max Born Emeritus Professor of Natural Philosophy, and member, the Fritz Haber Research Center for Molecular Dynamics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Telephone: (972-2) 6585260 ; Fax: (972-2) 6513742 ; E-mail:

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Education: M.Sc., 1960, The Hebrew University; Israeli Army, 1960 – 1962; Ph.D., 1964, Nottingham University; D. Phil., 1966, Oxford University

Academic Experience:

Professor of Theoretical Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1968-2007

Jr. Lecturer, St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, 1964-66; Visiting Lecturer, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, Fall term 1965; Visiting Assistant Professor (Theoretical Chemistry and Mathematics), University of Wisconsin, 1966-68; Battelle Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Mathematics, The Ohio State University, 1970-74; Adjunct Visiting Professor, University of Texas, Austin, 1974-78; Visiting Professor, Harvard University, 1988; Miller Research Professor, University of California, Berkeley, 1988; Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, University of California Los Angeles 1990-; A.D. White Professor-at-Large, Cornell University 1989-95; Holland Research School of Molecular Science 1999; Distinguished Professor David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles 2007-;



Brittingham Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, June 1973; Farkas Memorial Lecturer, Int'l Conference on Photochemistry, July 1973; A.C.S. Frontiers in Chemistry Lecturer, May 1976; Stein Memorial Lecturer, July 1976; Arthur D. Little Lecturer, M.I.T., March 1977; Otto Laporte Memorial Lecturer, Int'l Conference on Shock Tubes and Waves, 1979; Japan Society for Promotion of Science Lecturer, April 1981; Kolthoff Lecturer, IIT, December 1981; Marchon Lecturer, Newcastle upon Tyne, April 1982; Farkas Memorial Lecturer, 50th Anniversary of the Israel Chemical Society, 1984; Bernstein Memorial Lecturer, UCLA, 1992; Warburg Lecturer, Bayreuth, 1993; Basu Memorial Lecturer, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, 1996; James Franck Memorial Lecturer, Munich 1998; McCoy Lecturer, UCLA 1998; Mueller lecturer, Purdue 2001;..


Fellowships and Awards:

Ramsay Memorial Fellow, 1964-66; Annual Prize, International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science, 1968; Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, 1970-72; Landau Research Prize, 1972; Israel Prize (Exact Sciences), 1974; Weizmann Prize, 1979; Wolf Prize, Chemistry 1988; Docteur honoris causa, Liege University, 1991; Rothschild Prize, Chemistry, 1992; Doctor honoris causa, Technische Universität München, 1996; Max Planck Prize, 1996; EMET Prize, Exact Sciences, 2002; MOLEC award 2004; Bernstein medal 2010; Gold medal of the Israel Chemical Society 2013;



Academia Europaea; American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Foreign Honorary Member); American Philosophical Society (Non resident member); International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science; Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities; Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (Foreign Member, Quantum Optics); National Academy of Sciences of the USA (Foreign Associate); Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (Foreign Member).


13 selected publications of Raphael D. Levine in the 21st century

(1)       Levine, R. D. How large is 'large' for a thermodynamic-like behavior, Physica E, 9, 591,(2001).

(2)       Gross, A.; Levine, R. D. Collision-induced IR emission spectra of impact-heated rare-gas  clusters, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 107, 9567,(2003).

(3)       Torres, E. A.; Baugh, D. A.; Levine, R. D. Ultra-short time resolution from energy-dependent interference of photodissociation amplitudes, Chemical Physics Letters, 375, 141, (2003).

(4)       Somorjai, G. A.; Levine, R. D. The changing landscape of physical chemistry at the           beginning of the 21st century, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109, 9853,(2005).

(5)       Gross, A.; Levine, R. D. A mechanical representation of entropy for a large finite  system,           Journal of Chemical Physics, 125,(2006).

(6)    Remacle, F.; Levine, R. D. An electronic time scale in chemistry. Proceedings of the  National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103, 6793, (2006).

(7)       Klein, M.; Rogge, S.; Remacle, F.; Levine, R. D. Transcending binary logic by gating three

coupled quantum dots, Nano Letters, 7, 2795,(2007).

(8)       Remacle, F.; Kravchenko-Balasha, N.; Levitzki, A.; Levine, R. D. Information theoretic     analysis of phenotype changes in early stages of carcinogenesis, Proceedings of the      National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107, 10324,(2010).

(9)       Muskatel, B. H.; Remacle, F.; Thiemens, M. H.; Levine, R. D. On the strong and selective isotopeeffect in the UV excitation of N-2 with implications toward the nebula and Martian atmosphere.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108, 6020, (2011).

(10)     Zadran, S.; Remacle, F.; Levine, R. D. miRNA and mRNA cancer signatures determined by analysis of expression levels in large cohorts of patients. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, 19160, (2013).

(11)     Zadran, S.; Arumugam, R.; Herschman, H.; Phelps, M. E.; Levine, R. D., Surprisal analysis          characterizes the free energy time course of cancer cells undergoing epithelial-to-mesenchymal           transition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  111,  13235, (2014).

(12)     Ajay, J.; Smydke, J.; Remacle, F.; Levine, RD Probing in Space and Time the Nuclear        Motion Driven by Nonequilibrium Electronic Dynamics in Ultrafast Pumped N-2. Journal      of Physical Chemistry A 120, 3335, (2016).

(13)     Kravchenko-Balasha, N.; Shin, YS.; Sutherland, A.; Levine, RD.; Heath, JR Intercellular signaling through secreted proteins induces free-energy gradient-directed cell movement. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113, 5520, (2016)






Organizer of scientific conferences:

I have taken part in the organization of many scientific conferences. I am particularly proud that I was co-chair of the scientific conference on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel.


Editorial activities:

Editor of seven books; editor of seven special issues of scientific journals; past and present member of

editorial boards of seventeen scientific journals, mainly European, few Asian. I also was/am a member of editorial boards of American journals. Most notably I am in my third term as a member of the Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US.



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