Spatially entangled Airy photons


Lib, O. & Bromberg, Y. Spatially entangled Airy photons. Opt. Lett. 45, 6, 1399–1402 (2020).

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Over the past decade, Airy beams have been the subject of extensive research, leading to new physical insights and various applications. In this Letter, we extend the concept of Airy beams to the quantum domain. We generate entangled photons in a superposition of two-photon Airy states via spontaneous parametric down conversion, pumped by a classical Airy beam. We show that the entangled Airy photons preserve the intriguing properties of classical Airy beams, such as free acceleration and reduced diffraction, while exhibiting non-classical anti-correlations. Finally, we discuss the advantages offered by entangled Airy photons for high-dimensional free-space quantum communications.