Sunday, March 13th

Human Dignity in Jewish Sources and Jewish Thought - Prof. Christine Hayes (Yale University) and Prof. Moshe Halbertal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 

The lecture delved into the canonical sources of Jewish law and Jewish thought (Bible, Mishnah and Talmud) in an attempt to trace the theological foundations for the idea of Human Dignity within Jewish tradition; and reconstruct the various concepts of Human Dignity that arises from the ancient texts. The observation of the sources has revealed a variety of views (conflicting in many of the cases) with regard to the very essence of Human Dignity and its meaning and touced issues such as the divine source of Dignity; Dignity and the image of god vis a vis Dignity and autonomy; dignity and its connectedness to body integrity; and alternatively, the ways in which persons are stripped from their dignity or excluded from being the owners of such dignity. The analysis of the various sources presented the concept of Human Dignity in Jewish thought as a complex mosaic of theological and social beliefs.

Visit of the President's Residence

A talk with Sari Nusseibeh, Professor of Philosophy & former President of Al-Quds University