Student-Initiated Workshop


 The Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC) aims to encourage future generations of brain researchers (graduate and postdoctoral students) the opportunity to create and develop new links, with local and international researchers in the various fields of brain studies. As part of our mission, the JBC supports annually, a workshop organized by students.

Workshop Grant-$35,000

In addition, each of the students of the winning application, will be awarded a travel scholarship of $1,000, to attend an international conference, related to their research topic

  • The student organizers are limited to three and preferably from different areas of study. 
  • The topic of the workshop must be related to; understanding the brain and its different functions. 
  • Preference will be given to topics that involve interdisciplinary fields. 
  • The conference will be held in Jerusalem, 2016. 
  • The number of speakers from abroad, 10 guests. 

Application Guidelines:

  • A detailed title (limited to 120 characters) and a short running title of no more than 80 characters. (Titles that are shorter than 80 characters can be the same for both the detailed and the short running title).
  • A proposal should include the topic and its potential impact.
  • A description of the conference up to two pages that includes the topic, workshop themes, the target audience, and the need for this type of conference.
  • A list of invited speakers from Israel and abroad including affiliation, lecture title and contribution to a specific theme.  
  • Written, tentative consent of lecturers to join the conference.


             Contact Information: JBC Administrator, Cheryl Cashriel: email:, Tel: 02-5494204

             Deadline Extended: February 29, 2017