Student-Initiated Workshop

Would You Like a $20,000 Grant?

- Are you a graduate or postdoctoral student in Brain Sciences?
- Would you like to further promote your academic career?
- Are you interested in networking with local and international researchers in your field?
- Would you like to travel to an international conference related to your research?
The Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC) is offering a $20,000 grant for up to three students (preferably from different fields) to organize a workshop in Brain Research. Preference will be given to topics involving multidisciplinary fields; International speakers are limited to six guests.


Winners will:
- Generate new connections with local and international academics in brain research
- Have a free hand in organizing all aspects of the conference
- Be awarded a travel scholarship of $500 to attend an international conference related to their research    topic


Application Guidelines:

- A short description (up to two pages) that includes:
- Title, explanation of the general topic and a list of the specific themes
- The target audience, and the relevance of the conference at this time point
- A list of invited speakers from Israel and abroad including affiliation, lecture title and contribution to a      specific theme
- Written, tentative consent of lecturers to join the conference


Applications Open NOW!

        All the documents should be sent by June 1st ,2019 to the email address: