Brain & Beer, Opening Meeting


Sunday, January 22, 2017, 8:30pm to 11:00pm


Nocturno, 7 Bezalel Street, Jerusalem
Brain & Beer Meetings                                                              
Save the Date! Sunday January 22, 2017
2nd Annual - JBC's Brain & Beer, Opening Meeting,
 Nocturno, 7 Bezalel Street, Jerusalem 
Nocturno Coffee House

The JBC student board invited, JBC students, faculty & friends, to participate in our monthly Brain & Beer Meetings. Everyone enjoyed listening to interesting lectures by Hebrew University students, on various topics related to neuroscience.

The JBC Brain & Beer meetings' aim, is to bring the up and coming, as well as, interesting knowledge, from today's brain research, to Jerusalem’s bar scene. 


This year, meetings will be held at Nocturno, to a vibrant & broad audience, who are interested in the magic of brain science.


Abed Nashef, "Let's move it! The impact of the cerebellum on movement."

Benedetta Heimler, "How does the brain become a task-machine?"

Itay Lieder, "Perceiving in context: what simple tone perception teaches us about complex disorders"

Click here to see photos & video of the evening events.